Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Love is Cinta

Somewhere in a rural part of Malaysia, a couple is walking together. After a day of hanky-panky both of them headed home and after the balak reached his girlfriend's house, they waved each other good bye and said "I love u!"

Now the thing is with Malaysians is they like to rojak their language, as i'm doing right now. Youngsters prefer to say "Thank you" instead of "Trime kaseh" , but thats fine by me. However have you heard Malaysian couples saying "Aku cinta kamu" (I love you) to each other? No right? Why? Of course, me and my dudes agree saying that IS cheesy, and using the phrase in front of your friends is like commiting social suicide. What about people in other country? Are they like us? Ashamed of saying "I love you" in their own language?

"I love you" in France is "Je t'aime". In Italy it's "Ti amo", in Japan "Aishiteru" and in Mandarin "Wo ai ni". All mentioned are proud of their language, unlike here in Malaysia. As a Malaysian, I swear with my life that i've NEVER encountered a Malay saying "Aku cinta kamu" or "Aku sayang kamu" . The closest is "I sayang you", and thank god the verb is in Malay but other than that it's foreign.

What made this intimate and very special suppose-to-be Malay phrase not special? Why is it used in a rojak way? Is it because love is like rojak? Where it is hot and sweet and sour at the same time? (Ignore this paragraph)

It is sad to know that Malays neglect to use pure Bahasa Malaysia in everyday life. Where is the poetry in that? Italian and French is considered by many the most beautiful language in the world. Part of the reason why it is so is because they don't mix it with other languages when they're using it, which makes it beautiful, they conserve it's beauty by using the language as it is.

To all Malays, i beg of you, from now on, instead of saying "I luv u" which sounds so cliché and boring and so very much overused, instead use "Aku cinta kamu" or "Aku sayang kamu" That might put up smile on your love ones.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Fat or Phat?

People like to eat. Some people eat little, some eat a lot. Some people eat then vomit it out. Some eat because they have to eat, some because they like to eat. I like to eat. I don't care if I go fat. FAT. Why is it such a big deal? Do people actually care if they go fat? Yes. Why? Because getting fat is unhealthy, makes you look ugly. That's what they say. THEY. People. People around us. What do I care about being fat? Is being fat such a bad thing? Obesity of course is bad for you. I'm talking about being fat; spare tyres, jello arms, and some extra weight. Just because some people spare extras under their skin, they are considered fat. People with a bit of belly got called fatty. "Hey fattass, work on it will ya?" "Aren't ya afraid of going fat?" FUCK IT!! Being fat does not make you unhealthy. Most fat people want to get thin not for the sake of health, but more for the sake of being accepted by the society. Why do we need to do the things we don't like for people that we don't know? People should be able to accept you no matter how you look, and if they don't like what they see, too bad for them. Love your fat. Go out and eat. Indulge. Put that satay in your mouth. Slice those steaks and stuff it. Love your body just the way it is.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

iPod or iPlot?

People today step out of their house to go to work, school, do errands or to just jog, and they turn on their mp3 player. Why? Listening to a preset of songs pumps you up, makes you feel like you're in a movie about yourself. Be it action, comedy, thriller, or romantic. Presets of songs reminds you of events, memories. Some might put a glee on your face and some might trigger that Billy Corgan in you, sitting in the bus alone, watching passing cars and people with an emo face.
This morning, on my daily routine of sending my dad to work, who usually switches on the radio and tuning in to BBC news, i thought i 'd give it a go. Why not? Instead of turning on my mp3 player, why don't i just listen. Listen to what? Well, everything!
First up was news on the BBC mixed with the sound of wind blowing in the car window, carrying a faint sound of Hey Leonardo by Blessid Union of Souls. Then, waving my dad goodbye from the parking lot, Missery Business by Paramore blasted from the parking ticket booth. I stopped and listened to all of it while puffing my cigarette, just for the feel.
It didn't stop there. When i went to a mamak stall to have my tosai, i was treated with a rather percussive piece, a tamil song, which i quite enjoyed. Next, i visited a pirated cd stall, and the taukeh were swinging his shoulders to a very fast paced fengtau. Next to them, a local deli which sells sandwich was playing a selection of Jeff Buckley, Quincy Jones, The Beatles, and some unfamiliar jazz quartet. Quite a taste.
Later, i overheard a bit of Anuar Zain on a ringtone. At the bus terminal, Tiada Lagi Kidungmu blasted from a small record store. Bleeding Love by Leona Lewis was leaking out from a young boy's headphones. On my way home, i was treated with a traditional zapin song from the radio. All of that, are only a small selection from what I've heard, not including the vast sounds that came out from strangers singing, beggars tunes from the streets and from car stereos.
So you tell me, why did they invent the iPod Shuffle in the first place when music in all sorts of form can be heard around us? Get out of that comfort zone, stop listening to songs that you're already familiar with, surprise yourself and throw away those earphones! Why not listen to overheard music?