Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Not my cat, he belongs to my bud Tawam.

You little devil you!

When Buntal is not playing with bottles, it would be your legs or feet...

Last night i was watching Avatar for the 5th round, when suddenly Buntal thought it would be a good idea to jump at me to get my attention....

Buntal hung onto my skin for at least 5 seconds

Darn it...

Monday, June 28, 2010

Guilty Pleasures

1. Farting in public and let other people pull faces

Who doesn't? I find altering a certain atmosphere of people intriguing

2. Watching other people caught in an embarassing situation

People falling down from steps, students who stepped in school drains, an anchor forgots the line...anything, as long as i find it funny

3. Listening to Justin Bieber from my walkman


Sunday, June 27, 2010

Just the night


Alone in this cupboard of a room i find myself feeling
Gassy trucks passes by along with the call
The scars sting as i write this piece

The beginning of a new day make way
As the face returns with a smile
The light is switched on
Another room is occupied

I accepted the handshake
Gesture tolerated, not forgotten
the misdeeds that you left upon us

Kitty keeps meowing

Wednesday, June 23, 2010


The future of disco...?

No, it is not a disco ball, and yes, it is a fly-eating-lamp.

Created by two designer braniacs from Brit, James Auger and Jimmy Loizeau crossed their swords together and sparked this horror of a lamp, which er... consume these unwanted pests and turn them into the energy to light up these lamps.

The devourer of life

For those who don't like creepy lamps, there's also creepy fly-eating clocks, creepy mouse eating table, and creepy U.V flykiller parasite robot (for entertainment, they say).

Behold, the flypaper robotic...clock...

If you look close enough, there's a teeny weeny small LCD which is great to be put at homes because we like to squint our eyes when we want to know what time it is.

Ahhh what would the world be without the wonders of science? I can actually see it, in the future, where the world will be overpopulated, and scientists would build a huge human devouring power plant...

"Howard have you seen Charlie?"
"Grinnell, Iowa needed electricity for at least another 30 years, so he went in."
"Good for Charlie!"

Find out more <=== click here!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Dyson DC31

Dyson DC31. It can suck your eyeballs out from 1 metre range (kidding)

Ain't that a beut? It also has 104 000rpm motor power, so don't leave it around for kids to play around with.

It is actually a vacuum cleaner and it looks like something you can use to kill off aliens of some sort... hey wait-a-sec...

I knew it! It looks a lot like the plasma rifle in Halo... the designer likes the game I assume.

Master Chief's anema device. Scary

Sunday, June 20, 2010



Well, as far as I know, the titanium wraps around the ball end of the strings (guitarists should know this) to help reduce string slippage, breakage and keeps them in tune better than ordinary guitar strings.

OK, what it means here is that your strings last longer. Cool!

Nice packaging huh? Even the strings are gold coloured, all of 'em!!

Ordinary set of strings cost around RM 25, the ones I usually buy is around RM50 which are from Elixir, they are also very good because they coat their ENTIRE strings with this special coating which makes them 3 to 5 times longer than usual strings. BUT this one cost me RM65, and I assume would be better than Elixir. It better be!

Anyway, I'm very satisfied with the sound it produces, which is very bright and sharp . Though it was mistake to buy them smaller gauge because I prefer thicker strings, they have more 'balls'.