Sunday, November 9, 2008

Fat or Phat?

People like to eat. Some people eat little, some eat a lot. Some people eat then vomit it out. Some eat because they have to eat, some because they like to eat. I like to eat. I don't care if I go fat. FAT. Why is it such a big deal? Do people actually care if they go fat? Yes. Why? Because getting fat is unhealthy, makes you look ugly. That's what they say. THEY. People. People around us. What do I care about being fat? Is being fat such a bad thing? Obesity of course is bad for you. I'm talking about being fat; spare tyres, jello arms, and some extra weight. Just because some people spare extras under their skin, they are considered fat. People with a bit of belly got called fatty. "Hey fattass, work on it will ya?" "Aren't ya afraid of going fat?" FUCK IT!! Being fat does not make you unhealthy. Most fat people want to get thin not for the sake of health, but more for the sake of being accepted by the society. Why do we need to do the things we don't like for people that we don't know? People should be able to accept you no matter how you look, and if they don't like what they see, too bad for them. Love your fat. Go out and eat. Indulge. Put that satay in your mouth. Slice those steaks and stuff it. Love your body just the way it is.


Hafriz said...

Yeah Icky! Betol2. Ive put up some amazing fats lately, and though it pains me that im a little sluggish these days, im ok. wlpon byk je yg cm komplen.

acerbicacad said...


terasa batu di hempap ke diri ini..
tapi I have my own reason Icky for not turning fat..
I was fat once and god knows how I've survived the tormenting critiques..
It's just ppl can't seem to undertand..
Biasa la..orang kan~

LIYANA said... la post yg hafriz kate ko support die..muahahahaaha

la sume org pon ade fat kot??
but i dun agree with obesity laaa..huhuh

Icky said...

Yez laaa! Support fat!
Belive me i used to be 85kg
Bukannye aku kesah pon tapi byk gile kutukan yg tak membina

N if u guys ever thought of it, no, i didn't loose weight on purpose. It jus went

Zen said...


Im fat!

To hell with all the other not-fat people.

Im gonna lose weight. Someday.

The Birdman said...

i feel accepted by the society now