Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Sounds the same to me...

Some of my friends have been complaining that metal music sounds pretty much the same, well i have to agree. Not that i agree that each metal song sounds the same with each other, any song that you hear in the same genre will sound pretty much the same. I mean, how thick can you get?? If its the same genre of the same type of music, of course it sounds the same!
How many times have you listened to classical songs and thought that it sounded familiar but in fact it actually came from two different songs? How about listening to R&B? What about pop songs? Emo?

Nowadays, its hard not to sound almost identical to another singer or band because we are in the future, stop living in the past! Now with all the technologies that we have, almost everything is fast and mass produced, and that goes to music as well. During the days when our parents were younger, artists have to wait for at least 2 to 3 years to come up with an album. Now, an artist can come up with 2 albums in one year due to the competition and technology that we currently have.

Plus, almost all types or genres of music have been dwelled into. Think people, how much more new music can we produce without exploiting what we already have?
So stop telling me that metal music sounds the same, cause i know they sound the same because i know why its that way!!

We may look the same, be we ain't the same shitz, b*tch!

Friday, July 2, 2010

Not A Gym Rat

Lately i've been paying frequent visits to the gym, mainly because i want to regain my fitness. I was afraid of becoming less and less fit each day due to my lifestyle; smoking, hours of time spent in front of my computer, nocturnal, and the lowering of my metabolisme.

When i was younger (ehem), i had super metabolisme. When i said super, i mean SUPER. I could eat anything, anytime without having to exercise and still be in shape. I used to eat tonnes of calories and it would just burn away when i sleep. Pretty neat huh?

Well i guess i dont have that anymore probably because im getting older, which sucks by the way. I miss my younger days when i can just eat and eat and eat and still wear size 29 pants.

Here is a picture of the gym i go to in Shah Alam, which is the gym in the UiTM main campus:

As you can see, there is only one towel in there, which is mine. That means no goes to the gym, and that also means i get to have the gym for my own. I like to think of it as my personal gym situated in UiTM.

So people, get fit! And work some ass off at the gym! Now!

Thursday, July 1, 2010


Ever played it? We usually call it Sho Tai Ti or Chinese Poker due to its Chinese origin.
Sho Tai Ti, or Choh Dai Di is what the game is called in Cantonese. In Indonesia, it is called Cap Sa while in Vietnam it is named Tien Len. People in USA and Australia calls it Thirteen.

As Malaysians, this game can be seen played everywhere, and youngsters usually play it at mamak restaurants when they got tired of talking during lepak hours. To some people, like me and my friends, we would meet up just to play Sho Tai Ti.

"You cheater!"

Some might be wondering as to where it originates, many agreed that it originates from Hong Kong. It is mainly popular in South East Asia countries like Malaysia, Singapore and Taiwan. Surprisingly, it is quite popular in Antartica too, especially among penguins. Ok, i may went a bit far on the penguin part.

"Oh shit, humans! Hide your cards, quick!"

What i love about this game is that it is really easy to learn, although getting to hang on the rules may be a pain, new players would get the hang of it after two or three games. And although it is easy to learn, the way the game is played is quite challenging. Instead of just lepaking and talking nonsense, playing Sho Tai Ti can stimulate minds as players have to remember quite a number of things; the valid combinations of cards, and how players have to use those combination to deal out cards and be the first to put downall their cards.

"The smallest is 3, the highest is 2, and there are some combinations that you can..."

Sho Tai Ti is the best ice breaker when hanging out with new friends who doesn't talk much, or if you have a thing for somebody you like, teach him/her and show off. Spread the game, i guarantee that it is addictive and most importantly, fun!

"Hey there, Sho Tai Ti?"

Where Have All The Goths Gone?

You know, there was a time in our country, where goths can be seen everywhere. They walk in packs, and wear goth clothes and make ups. I even saw a group of kids wearing the white jumpsuit costume from Kubrick's A Clockwork Orange, complete with the one eyed extension eyelash, bowler hat and cane. Oh how i wish i had a camera at that time, it was priceless!!

Imagine seeing these guys drinking iced Milo at mamak's

But now you rarely see them...at least not in packs. And from goths, they turn to emo or scene kids, with their fringes and tight shirts and jeans. Usually, these scene kids would be in couples, boy and girl, girl and girl or boy and boy! They rarely walk in packs nowadays...where are they now??
"This is my girlfriend"

I used to be one of those people who really despise these young ones, wondering what in the world were they thinking?? But now i kinda miss them...these kids, even though what they are doing is just a phase, it adds spice to what we see everyday. Back then when i go sightseeing in KL, i would see all kinds of people, dressed in different ways and some might consider to be overkill, but to me it is interesting, they are just normal people like us, they just want the attention, as a fashion statement...what's wrong with that?? We like to dress up as well, the only thing different about us is the way we perceive fashion, just like the difference of taste for food, music, lifestyle, etc...why mock them?? They're human too, just like us, and wants attention too, just like the majority of us! Stop being haters, seriously!