Friday, March 26, 2010

Tag Your Friends

You know those pictures where you tag people in Facebook or Myspace according to their personalities? It was at first, but later on everyone gets tired of it...well not everyone, some get thrills looking for their name in the picture, "Ooooh, which one this time? "The sexy one"? Do i get "the funny one"? And when they found their name with something they like, they get orgasms: "Oh there it is!! I got "the whore"! So this guy thinks I'm hot, oh goodie!"

Here, I'm going to give my friends the "orgasm" of finding out what I think of them:


Why are you staring at my cock baldie? Don't tell me you're jelous...?

Hello Kerak. You get the loud mouth title because of your loud mouth. Kerak likes to talk shit, loves bickering and he always win. Always. Likes to say "I will do this" "I will do that" blah blah blah...but never gets it done.Never. Mr. Loudmouth


Paeh in his battle gear

Hellooo Paeh. Paeh loves to smoke the hookah. Ever since Paeh took his first puff of it, he fell in love with it. He loves it so much that he would get really sad when his friends doesn't want to hang out where there's hookah or when they don't want to spend anymore time hanging out watching him smoke hookah. If his friends refused to abide by his request, he would pretend to cry or might be really crying for real which is pathetic. Poor Paeh...

Paeh's wet dream...

3. THE DUMBASS - Tawam Mat Mat Mat

What's the use of wearing a wig (left) if it looks (if not the same) almost the same with your own hair? Dumbass

"Look at me!!! I'm wearing a wig!!" "Waitaminute...."


Ol' McDonald had a farm, C-R-A-Z-Y
And on his farm he got Azam, C-R-A-Z-Y
He's a crazy fuck, a crazy fuck,
Fuck here fuck there everywhere fuck fuck,
Ol' McDonald had a farm, C-R-A-Z-Y

He is one crazy fuck. I'm sure he will feel very much honoured by this because he IS a crazy fuck.


Jessica Lyne Andrew said...

oh god this is HILARIOUS!! hahahaha dude, be sure to lock your door at night or u don't wanna get killed in your sleep!

Azzam?? said...

ohhh oouuuuuu ughhhh *orgasm*

Icky said...

jess: ill b sleeping with a gun under my pillow

azzam: uh uh uh~~~~!

Adib Zakaria a,k.a Joe said...

why am i not listed botak? am i not ur fwen???

Icky said...

aku kesian kat kau adib, nnt kang nangis plak XD