Saturday, January 31, 2009

Sleeping Diorder 2 (2004 - 2006)

Sleepytime is where people show off their true nature. Enjoy!

No one has yet outdone Manung in the art of sleeping positions. Here, Manung looked as if he's engaged in a Muay Thai battle with an opponent, and is about to give a blow on the face with his elbow.

FYI: Manung is physically fit, and loves martial art.

Same angle... He does this often:

In case you dont recognize Manung:

Pascal, our righteous student's residential leader. He's a very kind fellow, and never fails to visit the mosque to pray daily.
One day, a senior student (an ass) got really pissed off with Pascal because he doesn't like the way Pascal looked (he likes to smile) and decides to pick a fight with him. But before the ass manages to do anything, he suddenly got really sick for days and after that, runs away from Pascal everytime he sees him. Queer.

He sleeps like this everytime, righteous indeed


People, meet Apau. Apau, a hip-hop turned metal dude (notice his shirt), likes to bully juniors, makes shitty jokes, shitty remarks, and has a habit of breaking and loosing other people's stuff. A good fellow, but a pain in the ass. Apau has another habit of pulling a tight facess towards strangers, and likes to pretends he's somekind of a hardcore bitch.

Here, i'm proving that he's not. Sorry Apau.


Jessica_Lyne said...

Heyya, blog-hopping :)
I can't stop laughing looking 8 the pictures.Manung and apau...hahahahahaha

Indescentdecendant said...

bsyukur aku x knal ko time pre melaka~

LIYANA said...

giler la ganaz dieorg tido!!!

Icky said...

was thinking of putting my own pic when sleeping
but then again, its my blog, hahahha