Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Kerak (a friend) once mentioned to me, what is it about this SLR craze? Suddenly everyone's having their own SLR, blowing off their money to buy one (or blowing off somebody's cock to afford one), and starts stamping their own photoshopped-brand-name-tag on their pet's pics and posting it on flicker or Facebook...Suddenly, everyone can be a professional photographer!

"Hek eleh, pehal plak botak ni? Suka ati aku la nak amik hobi ape, nak amik gambar bogel ke, nak amik gambar semut kerengge ke, ko tu main gitar tak ke kecoh..."

Relax, what i mean here is that if you are really into the art of handling the lens and to become an photophile then do it! But do it with passion, and pour some artistic senselah moron! There's this thing called 'dust control', 'dynamic range', 'aspect ratio', and 'filtering'. And i don't mean the filter of the camera. Please, by all means, filter those shots, choose the best (argh!!!) and do some research on publishing photos, edit, THEN publish it!!

"Shot with an SLR? Starting your own company? WOW!"

DON'T take pictures of your stupid smiling friends, bugs, chairs, grass, twigs, phlegm, the moon USING an SLR WITHOUT editing it, then STAMPING your own photoshopped-brand-name-tag on the pics then posting the CRAPPY pics on the net and hoping people will browse through your SLR snapped pics and then giving good comments like "Oh very nice" or "Oh, love the view" or "Oh, very artistic"...

F YOU!! F these amateur photograpers and F these noob viewers, cause they don't know shit! If you want to take shots of your own ass or similiar qualites of the sort, don't use SLR, use camera phonelah bodoh.

Cool! Where can I get one of these?


The Birdman said...

hahah bengang gile.

i guess that applies to blogging as well. got to start somewhere no?

Icky said...

erm aku bengang sbb adelah member aku kat jb ni bajet nak jd photographer, tp cam sampah, dah la 'up' diri sndrik, aduyai

Eric said...

sabar krumz..yea, im not trying against these "certain" ppl who love taking shots like bugs n stuff. i just fail to see the "art" . i photographing is more about telling story rather than just "bugs".

btw, miss hangin out wit u guys!