Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Holly Effin Shit!!

"By the power of the holiest of evils, I command you to awaken and make me a sandwich!" - Pickles the drummer, Metalocalypse 2006.

Holy shit. Just about two words to describe how awesome this cartoon series is.
"Pffft. Cartoon is for kids."
Wrong faggot!

When was the last time cartoon's been made awesome, huh? Even 'Jem and the Holograms' kicks more asses than Kimpossible, not mentioning Saber Rider and Transformers, which are waaaaaaay better than any of the shit toons they aired on tv these last couple of years.

Reasons why i think Metalocalypse is awesome:

1. It's about a metal band, what's cooler than that? What's that? Fuck you
2. The songs made by the band Dethlok sounds better than half of the metal bands you listen to
3. Each band member is a parody version of real metal artist in real life
4. Bleep cencor sounds are replaced with guitar screeching sounds, different sound everytime. Hah!
5. Absolutely funny
6. Absolutely brutal.

For those metalfucks out there, this is the shit for you.
Check these out:

Dethlok - Coffee Jingle

Metalocalypse - Intro Song

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Gallivanter said...

Now this is what I call a ganas cartoon! I hope the dungus that work in Nickelodeon watch this. Haha! :-D