Sunday, December 6, 2009


So, here's the thing. If my buddies were to be given each a fictional warrior position, this is how it would turn out:

Me: Shaolin Warrior
Because: I'm sure nobody would disagree.

"With this baby, I get extra clean shave everytime!"

Kerak: Mongolian Warrior

Because: Everything about him tells me that
he is a mongolian tryant; self-indulgent,
likes to shoot arrows up into people's asses
from afar and for being an ass himself.

"Giddy up boy! I think I saw naked women up those hills..."

Paeh: Viking veteran

Because: His knowledge, his ego, his greed to conquer
and his high taste for food and women. Not to mention
those beard.

"Oh this? My mother gave it to me when I was 3 , ancient Norsemen use it for orgies and stuff..."

Azam: Viking warrior

Because: Similiar to Paeh, except that he is the warrior
type, no amount of women, food and blood could
satisfy his thirst.

"This place is filled with bird poop. I hate poop. FUUUUUUCK THEEEEEEEM!!!!!!! *pants* Hail Loki!"

Paeh VS Azam
"Tell me, what did you use to shave it off?"
"No way in Thor's dung I'd tell you"

Tawam: African Warrior
Because: The fastest warrior alive (on foot that is).

"I eat leopard's testicles for breakfast"

Izhar: The Paladin

Because: Self-righteous, likes to preach and pessimistic.

"You say you're right one more time and I'll chop off yer head"

Boteng: The Pirate
Because: Loves to party, loves gold (even thought he
doesn't show it) and likes to let himself drift alone in
his sea of thoughts, like a driftwood. When opportunity
comes, he plunders them, hehe.


Adib: Goblin warrior
Because: Need i say more?

"Ugh ugh, agh agh, yagh yagh? Mulooooot~~~, *snorts*"


Eric said...

hilarious as shit. hahahahahahah

Adib Zakaria a,k.a Joe said... laa gamba best skit..

Icky said...

itu gambar paling best la tu, yg lain katun sgt, haha

Azzam?? said...

hahahahhahah.... macam sial... yg aku vs paeh tu.. aku yg sebelah kiri ye! =D

Icky said...

mestilah, tak seswai yg kanan tu, awww~~

Koteru Daigo said...

aku xfaham dow...

Azzam?? said...

tawam.. ko Zulu fighter laa.. macam dalam cerita god must be crazy tu haa... =D