Monday, June 21, 2010

Dyson DC31

Dyson DC31. It can suck your eyeballs out from 1 metre range (kidding)

Ain't that a beut? It also has 104 000rpm motor power, so don't leave it around for kids to play around with.

It is actually a vacuum cleaner and it looks like something you can use to kill off aliens of some sort... hey wait-a-sec...

I knew it! It looks a lot like the plasma rifle in Halo... the designer likes the game I assume.

Master Chief's anema device. Scary


Azzam?? said...

hhahahahah... master chief eh?
btw.. ko nak guna benda alah tu buat apa? suck your balls?

Icky said...

eww gross XDDDDD

Azzam?? said...

u, of all have the tendency to do that. =p