Wednesday, September 22, 2010

It's annoying when...

1. people tell me to stop wearing skinny jeans. You're probably jealous, cos you're fat
2. people ask me why i shave my head. That's like asking why women wear make up
3. people tell me to grow my hair. Bald issue again
4. people ask me questions that they can asnwer themselves
5. ugly people call other people ugly
6. people tell me the dangers of smoking. i've been hearing that for the past 23 years from my DOCTOR parents
7. a person don't shampoo their hair. I'm bald, and even i use shampoo
8. a person don't wear deodorant. IT'S THE 21st CENTURY FOR GOD'S SAKE!
9. a person wears huge-ass headphones and bobbing their head in public. Seriously, don't do that
10. a person comes up to you and start talking like they've known you for years. Stay away from me creep!
11. a person won't admit they've lost a match. LOSER
12. a person uses your own comeback against you. Ex: A:You're a dumbass B No, you're a dumbass
13. a person doesn't signal when driving. THE ULTIMATE ANNOYANCE

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