Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Sounds the same to me...

Some of my friends have been complaining that metal music sounds pretty much the same, well i have to agree. Not that i agree that each metal song sounds the same with each other, any song that you hear in the same genre will sound pretty much the same. I mean, how thick can you get?? If its the same genre of the same type of music, of course it sounds the same!
How many times have you listened to classical songs and thought that it sounded familiar but in fact it actually came from two different songs? How about listening to R&B? What about pop songs? Emo?

Nowadays, its hard not to sound almost identical to another singer or band because we are in the future, stop living in the past! Now with all the technologies that we have, almost everything is fast and mass produced, and that goes to music as well. During the days when our parents were younger, artists have to wait for at least 2 to 3 years to come up with an album. Now, an artist can come up with 2 albums in one year due to the competition and technology that we currently have.

Plus, almost all types or genres of music have been dwelled into. Think people, how much more new music can we produce without exploiting what we already have?
So stop telling me that metal music sounds the same, cause i know they sound the same because i know why its that way!!

We may look the same, be we ain't the same shitz, b*tch!


Azzam?? said...

kena letak gambar deathlok (metalocalypse) baru kena doww... =D

Icky said...

haha, aku nak kasi nampak same walaopon pompuan n laki XD