Thursday, July 1, 2010

Where Have All The Goths Gone?

You know, there was a time in our country, where goths can be seen everywhere. They walk in packs, and wear goth clothes and make ups. I even saw a group of kids wearing the white jumpsuit costume from Kubrick's A Clockwork Orange, complete with the one eyed extension eyelash, bowler hat and cane. Oh how i wish i had a camera at that time, it was priceless!!

Imagine seeing these guys drinking iced Milo at mamak's

But now you rarely see least not in packs. And from goths, they turn to emo or scene kids, with their fringes and tight shirts and jeans. Usually, these scene kids would be in couples, boy and girl, girl and girl or boy and boy! They rarely walk in packs nowadays...where are they now??
"This is my girlfriend"

I used to be one of those people who really despise these young ones, wondering what in the world were they thinking?? But now i kinda miss them...these kids, even though what they are doing is just a phase, it adds spice to what we see everyday. Back then when i go sightseeing in KL, i would see all kinds of people, dressed in different ways and some might consider to be overkill, but to me it is interesting, they are just normal people like us, they just want the attention, as a fashion statement...what's wrong with that?? We like to dress up as well, the only thing different about us is the way we perceive fashion, just like the difference of taste for food, music, lifestyle, etc...why mock them?? They're human too, just like us, and wants attention too, just like the majority of us! Stop being haters, seriously!

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