Thursday, July 1, 2010


Ever played it? We usually call it Sho Tai Ti or Chinese Poker due to its Chinese origin.
Sho Tai Ti, or Choh Dai Di is what the game is called in Cantonese. In Indonesia, it is called Cap Sa while in Vietnam it is named Tien Len. People in USA and Australia calls it Thirteen.

As Malaysians, this game can be seen played everywhere, and youngsters usually play it at mamak restaurants when they got tired of talking during lepak hours. To some people, like me and my friends, we would meet up just to play Sho Tai Ti.

"You cheater!"

Some might be wondering as to where it originates, many agreed that it originates from Hong Kong. It is mainly popular in South East Asia countries like Malaysia, Singapore and Taiwan. Surprisingly, it is quite popular in Antartica too, especially among penguins. Ok, i may went a bit far on the penguin part.

"Oh shit, humans! Hide your cards, quick!"

What i love about this game is that it is really easy to learn, although getting to hang on the rules may be a pain, new players would get the hang of it after two or three games. And although it is easy to learn, the way the game is played is quite challenging. Instead of just lepaking and talking nonsense, playing Sho Tai Ti can stimulate minds as players have to remember quite a number of things; the valid combinations of cards, and how players have to use those combination to deal out cards and be the first to put downall their cards.

"The smallest is 3, the highest is 2, and there are some combinations that you can..."

Sho Tai Ti is the best ice breaker when hanging out with new friends who doesn't talk much, or if you have a thing for somebody you like, teach him/her and show off. Spread the game, i guarantee that it is addictive and most importantly, fun!

"Hey there, Sho Tai Ti?"

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