Thursday, November 5, 2009

Bringin' On The Heartbreak

How often do we look at a man's shoes? Its amazing how men became so particular about what they wear, especially shoes. I can still remember, the first shoe I fell in love with, at the time I was around 5 years old and have been rummaging through my dad's store and found a pair of his blue high-top old skool Adidas, which he used to wear when he was in was really seasoned, but the first sight took my breath away. It looked kinda liked this:

The moment I saw it, I became obsessed with 80's style high tops, or any shoes similiar to that.
When I began primary school, the first shoe that I really wanted for myself was a white pair of high-top Bata "Lazer", or what kids at that time named it, because it had "lazers" or what is actually LEDs planted at the back of the shoe so that red "lazers" would blink when you walk or run. It was the IN shoe that time, every kid wanted one, I wanted one, and asked my mom for it, be she turned me down. She tought the idea of wearing a pair of shoes with "lazers" is not suitable for 7 year olds. I cried real hard back then.

I got older, it was my 11th birthday and I could choose my own pair shoes for Hari Raya. I got this baby:

If I'm not mistaken it's a Reebok Hex, it its really light. Too bad it had to go away, "It's too smelly...and it's full of fungi" was my mom's reason.

Then, when I'm 12 I tried changing to a pair of skate shoes, Dr. Cardin's as I recall. Didn't work for me. I 'destroyed' it when I brought it along camping. It got wet and again, FUNGI.

13, raging hormones. I wanted colour, so:
It was a simple pair of sneakers, very comfy too, and cheap. A red New Balance (again, fads). New Balance was sooo IN, and it offers a lot of choice in terms of colours. This particular one was used till I'm 20, so that was a good 7 years of service. It got stolen by some jerk who thought I wouldn't mind giving away a battered-dirty-seven-year-old-cheap-red-New Balance shoes. Motherfucker.

1999, Hip-Hop hits Malaysian teenagers. Baseball caps, invertable basketball sleeveless and oversized jeans are adorned by many sweaty highshool kids. Do you remember this:

Ahhh yes, THE Yellow Boots, and is still popular. Wearing a pair of these can get the chicks from the neighbouring girl's school go Gaga over us boyzzzz (or so we thought). The boys liked it because it adds height. More height = Taller = Cooler = More chicks Gagaing over us booooooyzzzzz. How simple.

When I got into college, well, I suddenly lost interest in shoes. I got caught in the jeans fad and most of the shoes I bought was loafers and more boots. It its all either black or brownish, earthy colours to be exact; pretty boring actually.

And then last year, it came back to me, the bright-blue Adidas high-top. And suddenly all this excitement about high top shoes started coming back to me again, like riding on a bicycle after not being on one for a long time, the feeling of gentle wind upon your face as you glide and breezes away the trickling sweat. Refreshing.

I tried looking around for any kind of cool high-tops I can get. I'm so tired of black and brown, I wanted something with colour, something that taps into my inner kid, the satisfaction of wearing something that others might not dare to wear. Can I find something like that?

This is the Nike Dunk Hi Supreme Spark. Even the name tells you it's something. The cheezy pink leather, with the 'swoosh' in Black (leather too). The leathers are stiched on a black textured nylon, and they even add those fluorescent green to make it 'pop'. I totally love it, from the padded tounge to the ankle collar, plus the gum soles makes walking stickier so you don't feel all slippery in one of these. The special padding inside can get you walking for hours without getting tired. However, as a pair cost me RM 500, I have to be really careful in choosing when to wear these. If its raining, it stays in the house.

I know, its still fad. Whatever. I like it.
I'm looking forwards to get my hands on these:

Supras. I get multiple orgasms just by looking at these...Damn! I must have either one , I don't really care...they all look so good!

But my all time favorite high top is:

It's everything. Everyone loves it; it's cheap, it's durable, it's comfy and it's white! It's the only shoe in the world that gets 'awesomer' when it's dirty. It's fuckin' simple.


Azzam?? said...

kalau aku terrrrrpijak kasut pink ko camne babe?? hahahahah =D

Icky said...

oh, dah dipijaklah :D oleh 'In