Tuesday, November 3, 2009

House Of Maggots

408, or the House of Maggots, that's where we live. This is THE DUDE's house, you can only find alpha males and chauvinists living here. I totally love it, and here's why:

1. There are 4 laptops, and 2 PCs, anyone visiting the house is free to use whichever that is not occupied
2. In this house, you can find 40 pairs of shoes. Yes, 40, even though we are all male (alpha males mind you) of different types, sizes and brands. Most of the cool ones belong to Kerak, and we never had the problem of running short on shoes (pun intented)
3. There are 7 members in this house. We also extend our membership to another 6 people (who doesn't pay bills and rent), who comes and goes every now and then; some for the purpose of crashing and some just to hang out
4. Smoker's galore, where everyone's ciggy is everyone's!
5. I, as the sole owner of an audio woofer system, also holds the power the play any kind of music at any level of noise I choose. Plus I have another amplifier for my guitar, noise level falls under my jurisdiction too
6. You can find 2 acoustic guitars, 2 electric guitars and a keyboard. Feel free to jamm
7. From the window, you can checkout chicks (or hunks for you gals) going to the faculty during the morning. Nothing better to start a day then to stalk somebody from afar. More fun: jeer at passerbys for no particular reason at all
8. We don't actually need an ashtray, we can just chuck it out of the window :p
9. It's alive 24 hours, 7 days a week. There is always somebody awake, doing whatever shit they want to do.
10. This house holds 1 lecturer, 1 kamen rider, 1 alien, 2 vampires, 1 werewolf, and 1 chemist.
11. DotA anytime
12. All 7 dudes share 1 tube of toothpaste, and 1 bar of soap. Amazing where it can last up to 2 weeks
13. Execise are not necessary; 4th floor+stairs ONLY
14. 7 members in a house, plus 6 members that comes occasionally but only one person left to do all the tidying up, me. Beautiful.


Jessica_Lyne said...

kitchen. no mention of kitchen. what about the kitchen? hahaha.

Icky said...

the kitchen? i hate the kitchen...no gas, unwashed dishes, and filled with cockroaches. Yes~~ cockroaches

beda said...

hmm..a different side of tale from icky? i meant by the cleaning part. whatever it is, ko nak bitau the whole world la ape ada kat dlm umh?! one day when all the things gone missing, haaa.. tatau icky!

btw, sape the chemist?

Max J. Potter said...

sheesh. i hate cockroaches. grudgingly, too.

keep blogging.

and that's a nice picture, mate. =)

Icky said...

cik beda - haiya..itula yg mmbuat rumah ni best, ngeng...the chemist tu ialah...jeng jeng jeng~

Li said...

weih..7 org share 1 ubat gigi & 1 sabun??mak aiii!!

The Birdman said...

and at the same time u got robbed by the house immigrants >:|