Monday, November 9, 2009

Mmmph Vade

It's early morning!! My favourite time of the day (I hate waking up in the morning though) because it is the most beautiful time of day! Everything and everyone starts in the morning. Birds chirpin', sounds of busses, sunrise and the extreme need to take a dump, ah yess, morning.
If you are by chance a resident in Sect 17 Shah Alam, there is this particular restaurant which I really like called Samathani. Its one of those old skool mamak, not those new age mamak which have big screens and uniforms. The only people who eats there are dudes and old farts (I fall into both categories) and a minority of women (probably because of them ol farts). They serve delicious and thick rhoti chanai, with original mamak style curry and dal, made daily which makes them fresh!! But the reason I go there almost every morning (if Im still up) is this:

Vade! There are 2 types, those hard crispy vades you eat with raw chilli and this donut shaped ones. I like both, but this particular restaurant makes the most delicious donut shaped vades every morning! Its made of rice flour, curry leaves, ginger and some other stuff.

Its very crispy on the outside, but once your teeth sink in, the inside is very soft. The first time I ate it, I was chewing and kept looking at the bitten vade, the inside is white and I can see some curry leaves and onions; I didn't get it, why is it so good?? I looked at the table beside me and this 'pakcik' was eating them while dipping it in fish curry....are you drooling folks?

So,do try if you're in Shah Alam, but make sure you try these during early morning, I mean really early like around 6.15am till 8am where its still hot and fresh. The place is very clean and the service is the best!!

P/S: Wrestling is aired on the tv during business. Watching ol farts cursing at the tv is also another form of entertainment.


Azzam?? said...

hahahahaha.... kedai wrestling pujaan hati!! =D

Icky said...

terbayeeeek dowh vade

Fits said...

vadai tu pun pojaan aku...haha... darah mamak mgalir dlm diri.