Saturday, November 7, 2009

Rhoti John Bimasakti

It's simply the best. You can only find this at my neighbourhood in BBU, and there's no other Roti John in the world like it.

The portion of the bread is small compared to other Roti John's, like 1/3 of the normal length. The 'brader' who made these Roti Johns uses soft bread, not those big hard ones. And the filling in the middle is made of eggs mixed with a minced meat in a special sauce. The sauce is cooked like you would an egg, and then bread is put on top of it. After it is cooked, mayonaise, black pepper sauce mixed with some other 'mystery' sauces onto the filing.

The Roti John costs around RM 3.00, which is expensive considering it's size, but it's really REALLY worth it. I've been eating other Roti John's in most part of this country, and none of their best could even compare to a slice of these. If you would ever come to Johor Bahru, come to BBU in the evening and head to the park situated in Jalan Padi Ria 5, Bandar Baru UDA. It's worth coming down to, believe me.


theroyalcrapster said...

dayum! malam ni sah aku cari roti john!

Icky said...

pg a jb beli, hahahahar

Jessica_Lyne said...

one of the many reasons why i gained weight when i was in shah alam! haha

Raje said...

Name roti john brader tu bimasakti ke? all this while i tell people "weh mkn roti john padi ria jom"